Ayurveda’s Guide To Making the Most of Your Sundays

By Danny Silva|April 28, 2021|

Once upon a time, Sundays were a day of rest. However, sometime between the advent of the Blackberry and the rise of the smartphone, Sundays turned from a day of reflection and relaxation and to just another day of productivity. While there’s nothing wrong with getting things done, both the mind and the body need that one day a week of doing nothing but what makes you happy. That said, what would make you happy? How can you best allocate your time on Sunday in a way that supports your well-being, and that aligns with the whole “day-of-rest” concept?

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic arts of natural healing of the human body. Ayurveda means the science of life, that is Ayur meaning life, and Veda meaning science or knowledge. Ayurveda is just not limited to cure diseases but also considered for maintaining health and wellbeing. It believes in the fact that your health comprises a balance of environment, body, mind and soul. As the world is grappled with COVID 19, Ayurveda’s intervention and integrative approach is a helpful alternative for supportive care for the people with mild to moderate symptoms.

Let’s explore three different types of life forces according to Ayurveda and how to use your Sundays’ to focus on your health.

Ayurveda’s Guide To Making the Most of Your Sundays

Use Your Dosha Constitution To Map Out Your Sunday

If you’re like many people, the idea of a full day of rest is a foreign one and trying to determine what to do with it may serve to kickstart your anxiety rather than alleviate it. To prevent this from happening, one Ayurvedic practitioner recommends deciding ahead of time how you plan to spend your Sunday. Whether you want to focus on your own needs, get some housework done, or spend time with friends and family, make a plan a few days in advance and stick with it. Doing so will help you avoid what the practitioner refers to as “decision paralysis,” which arises on Sunday mornings when you’re so conflicted about how you want to spend your day that you do nothing at all.

If you’re reading this and are still unsure about how you want to spend your day of rest, study your prominent Dosha to determine what it needs. Ayurveda recognizes three Doshas: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Though each Dosha is present in all of us, one often conveys itself more conspicuously in each individual. You can use your prominent Dosha constitution to guide your Sunday plans.

Pitta: Embrace Spontaneity

Ayurveda’s Guide To Making the Most of Your SundaysPittas are, to put it bluntly, control freaks. Pittas like productivity and often spend their Sundays trying to accomplish an impossible list of to-dos. The lists are often so impossible that they often spill over into the next Sunday, and the one beyond that, and the one beyond that … You get the picture. If you can relate to this, chances are you’re more Pitta.

As a Pitta, you run the risk of squandering your hidden spontaneous nature with your overzealous outlook. Though the Ayurvedic practitioner did say to plan your Sunday, as a Pitta, you should plan to fly by the seat of your pants. Have one or two major to-dos (i.e., finish a load of laundry or meet a friend for lunch) but leave the rest of your day open to just live in the moment and embrace the uncertainty.

Vata: Ground Yourself

Ayurveda’s Guide To Making the Most of Your SundaysVatas are the exact opposite of Pittas. Vatas are spontaneous, lighthearted, and creative — and they loathe structure. Because of this, Vatas often spend their Sundays freaking out about the work week ahead. This often propels them to try to do everything at once, whether it be laundry, hiking, grocery shopping or crafting.

To prevent themselves from feeling overwhelmed, Vatas should create visual representations of how they want to spend their Sundays. By visualizing their chores and concerns for the workweek, Vatas can prepare for them and then table them as they pass.

Kapha: Live a Little

Ayurveda’s Guide To Making the Most of Your SundaysKaphas have a compassionate and grounded constitution and a zest for indulgence that each of us should embrace. Kaphas don’t mind overindulging in food, sleep or even procrastination on their days off, which is actually not a bad thing, as, in today’s society, people need to give in to their cravings every once in a while. That said, Kaphas can be lazy when it comes to exercising, socializing or taking care of responsibilities, and many are resistant to change.

If you can relate to the Kapha constitution, you should make it a point to get up early on Sundays and seek out new experiences. Whether that means exploring a new museum, having lunch with an old friend or finally accomplishing a few items off your to-do list, spend your Sunday doing something that gets you out and about and reignites your passion for life.

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