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Did you know that no single food contains all the essential nutrients a body needs to function optimally? That’s why for healthy living, you need a balanced diet in your everyday meal. Taking the right amount of calories and drinking enough water at least eight glasses per day is always a great plus.

However, sticking to a healthy diet is a daunting undertaking that requires discipline. With the increase in lifestyle diseases, eating a balanced diet is no longer an option but a basic requirement. More importantly, with the novel Coronavirus that is taking a heavy toll on the people with poor immune systems, eating food rich in vitamins is a must.

In this regard, we will explore some healthy eating tips that will improve your overall well-being.

1.) Take Carbohydrates that have High Fiber

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

It is a proven scientific fact that at least a third of every meal should include carbohydrates such as bread, cereals, and potatoes, just to mention a few. Carbohydrates are crucial in the body as they are energy-giving foods. As much as many people know the aforementioned fact, they are oblivious that the best carbohydrates to eat are those that contain high fiber.

Fiber, which is also known as roughage aids in digestion and helps you to avoid constipation and bloating. This material is commonly found whole cereals, brown bread, potatoes with their skins on, and brown rice.

More importantly, scratchy carbohydrates have fewer calories, which is good for people who need to lose or maintain their weight.

2.) Vegetables and Fruits Are Crucial

In the era of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, people have realized the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Since this viral infection as no cure, the body entirely depends on its immunity, which is derived from vitamin A, C, D, and E, that mostly comes from vegetables and fruits.

For healthy living, it is recommended every adult to take at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruits every day. You can take them as a smoothie, consume them fresh, drink them as a juice, or cook them in a meal. Always remember to avoid overcooking vegetables to prevent heat from destroying the vitamins.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

3.) Cutting Down on Saturated Fat is Key

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

It is imperative to realize that the body needs some level of fat. However, excessive fat is detrimental and can trigger conditions such as hypertension. Make sure to integrate the right amount of it in your diet for healthy living.

Remember, fats can be categorized into two groups, namely:

  • Saturated
  • Unsaturated

Statistics show that an adult male should not consume more than 30g of unsaturated fat a day while an adult female should not intake more than 20g of the same per day. Saturated fats can be found in hard cheese, red meat, butter, sausages, cream, and lard just to mention a few.

4.) Including Fish in your Diet is a Great Plus

It is with no doubt that fish is amongst the most significant source of protein in our bodies. Even better, it contains Omega-3 nutrients, which is great for the brain and prevents heart disease. It is recommended to integrate at least two portions of fish in your diet every week without forgetting to include one portion of oily fish.

Oily fish contain high levels of Omega-3—the nutrient of the brain. Some of the oily fish include salmon, herring, trout, sardines, and mackerel to mention a few. Eating fresh fish is always a great plus. Remember, proteins are crucial structural components in the body.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

5.) Avoid too much Sugar

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

High consumption of Sugar leads to teeth decay and obesity. This because sugary foods contain a lot of calories that are converted into fat. In the mouth, Sugar interacts with bacteria within the plaque of a tooth to form an acid that eats away the enamel and the dentine of the tooth in question, causing decay.

As much as the weed you need Sugar to energize your body, any sugar added to foods or drinks (free sugars), should be at the bottom of your diet list. Rather, try to consume Sugar found naturally in fruits and milk.


6.) Don’t Forget to Minimize Salt Intake

Too much salt intake is a precursor to high blood pressure. Even worse, it is very likely for people who suffer from blood pressure to develop a heart condition.

Did you know that the food we eat already consists of three-quarters of the salt we add afterward while eating or preparing our meals?

Therefore, we should try to keep the amounts we add to our food as low as possible.

Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences | Wellness for Life | Health Tips For Quality Life

Before you Leave

As the old adage goes, “we are what we eat.” This statement has never been truer, considering the rise of cases of lifestyle diseases. Always remember a healthy diet equals a healthy life.

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